FUD Silent Doc Exploit

FUD Silent Doc Exploit

Today Let’s talk about FUD Silent Doc Exploit

Tired of finding a real FUD Doc Exploit that bypasses Defender Runtime ?

We got your back covered!

We do have our private coded Silent and FUD Doc exploit that can be used for educational purposes and Ethical Hacking only!

Our FUD silent doc exploit can be with Docx extension too which uses 2 in exploits to achieve this and guaranteed Defender Runtime Bypass!

The exploit works for 2007/2010/2013/2016 Microsoft office versions Patched/UnPatched versions! x32.x64 bits!

No clicks no popups at all as we can see in this video

It work for exe, vbs and Js files that will be silently executed in the background directly when the Doc or Docx file executed.

Make sure that your exe,vbs,js file is also runtime FUD otherwise it will effect on the exploit and will cause a detection in runtime. You can use our Protector anytime to achieve this

Find it here and read more about it!