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The Best Native Remote Admin tool in the Market

Control remotely your computers, anywhere in the world.

Remcos is an extensive and powerful Remote Control software,
which can be used to fully administrate one or many computers, remotely.

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Usage Cases

Control at the same time
all the terminals of your

Internet Cafè
LAN Gaming Center
School / University
Exam Sessions
Vending Machines
Embedded Systems
Organization operating on multiple locations

Remote administration using Remcos


Works on any Windows

WinXP to Win11
32-64 bit
Including Server editions
No .net framework or extra dependencies required!

Fast & Lightweight

Compiled in native,
high performance code,
in C++ and Delphi programming languages.

Robust Connection

Connection KeepAlive System
and Backup Connection Addresses
ensure that connection with remote machines is never lost.

Secure Connection

TLS 1.3 with AES-128
encrypts all transmitted data.
TLS 1.3 is the latest and most secure communications security standard.


Control one, many or all your machines at the same time.
All functions can be operated simoultaneously.

Remote Screen

with control via mouse/keyboard

File Manager

Browse files and directories, upload/download files, delete/remove files and more

File Search

Looking for a file on any of your machines?
Perform a fast File Search on your entire network of remote computers.

System Managers

Process Manager, Service Manager, Registry Editor, and more


Power Options

Switch off, restart, hibernate, sleep


CommandLine & Scripting

Execute console commands and scripts (VBScript, JavaScript, Batch)
on all of your machines at the same time

Extensively Customizable

Many options to tweak Remcos to suit your needs.

A wide array of functions, contained in a small package.

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Remote Control

View and control multiple machines through their screen.

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User-Friendly Interface

Manage your remote machines easily and efficiently.
A live video feed of the selected remote machine is displayed.
Real-time system data such as uptime, CPU and RAM usage are also received.
This allows a quick yet insightful overview of the machine status.

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File Manager

Manage and transfer files easily.

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File Search

Perform a file search on one host, multiple hosts or your entire network.

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Activity Notification

Get a notification, or sound an alarm
whenever a suspicious event occurs on your remote systems.
Configure alarm to sound when somebody touches your computer,
or when a user opens specific applications or webpages.

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Easily communicate with the remote users.
Perfect for remote support and assistance sessions.

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Remote Shell

Open a remote command-line session,
and run any system command.

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Remote Scripting

Type and execute scripts on any remote host,
or on your entire network of remote machines, at the same time!
Supports VBscript, Javascript and Batch.

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Screen Logger

Take screenshots on a time interval,
or when the monitored user enters specific applications or webpages.

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Service Manager

Manage the system services on your remote systems

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A Wide Array of Functions

The Function Menu (here set in extended mode) shows how feature rich Remcos is!

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...and much more!

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