AWS/SES Marketing Emails Service

(12 customer reviews)

$ 520,0$ 620,0


We Are glad of providing AWS/SES Consoles for your marketing Emails

No Abuses are allowed and if the service gets Reported we won’t refund or replace even if after a minute of usage.



  • It will be your responsibility of how to use the service.
  • Don’t buy the service if you never used SES before.
  • Click here for higher limits.

Additional information


Admin Panel (Full Setup), Admin Panel

12 reviews for AWS/SES Marketing Emails Service

  1. Olba the kid

    good provider please add more stock we all need this service

    • Admin

      Hello and Thank you for the feedback, We are trying our best; it’s not easy to get them… now 2 in stock cheers mate

  2. ngSolier

    working good please I messaged on ICQ when restock please always message me

    • Admin

      Glad you liked it..

  3. delixco

    very big vouch from me

  4. XrenadX (verified owner)

    vouch for this store one love

  5. Lifty (verified owner)

    sir check order and telegram payment done

  6. Lifty (verified owner)

    best provider so far very helpful setup all thanks

  7. Chrisdii (verified owner)

    good sellers

  8. Ahmad.pale (verified owner)

    thank you bro service need always

  9. Ahmad.pale (verified owner)

    vouch for vgo team thanks

  10. sumel1829india (verified owner)

    I need to buy 2 panels again please answer telegram

  11. lari_hf (verified owner)

    big vouch sir thank you

  12. marketingSEOGang (verified owner)

    please keep providing this thank you

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