CyberGuard Anti Ransomware

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CyberGuard is a new, all-inclusive Anti-Malware.

CyberGuard detects and blocks malware and cyber-attacks,
preventing malicious hackers from stealing your data or harming your computer.

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CyberGuard protects your system against any kind of malware

  • Viruses ( File Infectors, Self-Spreaders…)
  • Trojan Horses ( Droppers, Downloaders…)
  • Ransomware ( File Encrypting, File Deleting Ransomware…)
  • Stealers ( Password Grabbers, Banking Malware…)
  • Backdoors ( Remote hacker access)
  • Botnets ( TCP, HTTP, IRC…)
  • Encrypted Malware ( Malware obfuscated by any crypter software)
  • New & Unknown Malware

How does CyberGuard work?

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CyberGuard uses a combination of techniques to detect threats

Static Scanner
Scans files signature to evaluate trust level.

Behavior Scanner
Scans process behavior in runtime for any suspicious action.
This bypasses crypters protection.

Network Scanner
Scans network connections from processes:
blocks backdoors, Trojan downloaders, remote access Trojans,
and hacker intrusions.

File Access Scanner
Checks read/write/delete access to your files by suspicious processes.

Process Access Scanner
Scans for injection attempts to access external processes.

Kernel-Level System-Wide Monitoring
All process monitoring and blocking is performed at kernel level through a driver.
Kernel Level Monitoring provides an efficient and powerful technique for system-wide protection.


Main Features


The File Access Scanner prevents infection of files and processes


The Network Scanner Firewall blocks any suspicious connection


Important files are shielded by read/write access from suspicious processes

Blocks Encrypted Malware

CyberGuard Behavioral Scanner can bypass crypter protection and detect malicious behavior.

Maximum Privacy

No distribution of your files.
Unlike the majority of other Anti Malware products,
CyberGuard doesn’t upload your files to our server or anywhere else.

Compatible with any Windows

from Win7 to Win11, 32/64 bit.
Fully native, no extra framework/dependencies required.

Lightweight & Fast

Engineered in C and Delphi for maximum performance and low resource usage

Process Activity Viewer

View and inspect activity of running processes in real time

Watch CyberGuard in action against Malware

CyberGuard VS JigSaw | CyberGuard VS WannaCry | CyberGuard VS CoronaLocker


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2 reviews for CyberGuard Anti Ransomware

  1. JumairahDu

    best security until now

  2. Ashteal.In

    lol why this product is not famous enough?
    It’s the real security that never can bypass even by the best crypt in the world hahaha thaaaaanks for providing this.

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