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1 Year access of An Advanced Private Internet activity logging software that the user must agree in our TOS to be able to buy a copy! It’s coded in low level language ASM/C which means it does not require any dependency to work perfectly on all versions of windows.
Private Balloon is coded with aim to give you extensive and powerful Internet monitoring experience with its ultimate stability alongside flexibility that is above the edge of all available monitoring tools.


-Coded in ASM/C (x86_x64)
-Hidden Startup
-Anti Kill (can’t be removed by killing process or deleting the startup registry)
-Anti Analysis (Debugger&Emulator)
-Ring3 kit
-Bin is Balloon executable (MPIE + MEE) ~Rare Feature~
-Doesn’t use suspicious Windows API
-No Blind hook, all hooks are thread safe including the x64, NO WAY TO CRASH
-User-Agent Grabber
-Undetected HIPS
-Password Sniffer (FTP, Pop3 and SMTP Details)
-Screen Capture
-Bypasses All Anti keyloggers & Virtual keyboards ~Rare feature~
-Full Unicode-Support
-Great Install Manager; Download/Execute, Update, Uninstall, Visit URL, Clear Cookies, Restart system, Shutdown System, & Force Upload Data.
-Easy to Use Panel
-1Year guaranteed NO Host/Domain Kill (If using our hosting) ~Rare feature~

Browsers, Email Clients & Chat Clients Supported

-FormGrabber (HTTP, HTTPS, SPDY, HTTP/2) Keystroke, Clipboard, & Password Recovery (x32_x64):

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, & Internet Explorer.

-FormGrabber (HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2) Clipboard, & Keystroke (x32_x64):

TOR, Opera, Safari, Torch, Chromium, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Avant, Deepnet, C-Dragon, Canary, 360, Titan, C-IceDragon, Baidu, Yandex, Q-360, SafeZone, K-Melon, Ranvker, Browzar, BlackHawk, Citrio, CoolNovo, Coowon, Cyberfox, Dooble, Vivaldi, Iridium, Lunascape, Epic, Midori, Mustang, Orbitum, PaleMoon, QT-Web, QupZilla, Sleipnir, Superbird, & UC.

-KeyStroke, Clipboard, Password Recovery & Sniffs (x32_x64):

Microsoft Outlook & Mozilla Thunderbird.

-KeyStroke, Clipboard, & Sniffs (x32_x64):

FoxMail, IncrediMail, Netscape, PocoMail, Skype, Gmail Notifier, Opera Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Pidgin, Trillan, ICQ, BarcaMail, 3D-FTP, AbsoluteTelnet, ALFTP, BitKinex, BulletProof FTP, Cerberus FTP, Classic FTP, CoffeeCupDirect, CoffeeCupFree, CoreFTP, CuteFTP, ExpanDrive, Far ftp, FileZilla, FireFTP, FlashFXP, Fling FTP, FTP Voyager, Global Downloader, LeechFTP, NcFTP, ScriptFTP, SmartFTP, Total Commander, WebDrive, WinSCP, Wise-FTP, & WS_FTP.

  • Note that this Private product is updated regularly adding more features and it’s limited of 20 users MAX.

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PB China Release

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5 reviews for Private PB China Release Bot *Powerful Internet Monitoring

  1. Sharuk

    Best tool never goes down very limited number of users remains it private

  2. John.M

    Amazing and recommened thanks sir

  3. JamesCarter

    this product needs more attention bravo

    • Admin

      Glad you liked it, remaining 4 copies only.

  4. Amit420

    Amazing Work please Add cookies grabber It will be The best

  5. Haxor101

    best and only original balloon executable bot

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