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Remcos Remote

Remcos Remote is the best in the market as it’s coded by C/C++ ( Native ) from the scratch while most of the Reset are just copied .Net C# codes from GitHub!

Control remotely your computers, anywhere in the world.

Remcos Also is an extensive and powerful Remote Control software,
which can be used to fully administrate one or many computers, remotely.

Work as PRO and grab your Remcos Copy from us, What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our offers mentioned at the links below.

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Usage Cases

Control at the same time
all the terminals of your

Internet Cafe
LAN Gaming Center
School / University
Exam Sessions
Vending Machines
Embedded Systems
Organization operating on multiple locations


Works on any Windows

WinXP to Win11
32-64 bit
Including Server editions
No .net framework or extra dependencies required!

Fast & Lightweight

Compiled in native,
high performance code,
in C++ and Delphi programming languages.

Robust Connection

Connection Keep-alive System
and Backup Connection Addresses
ensure that connection with remote machines is never lost.

Secure Connection

TLS 1.3 with AES-128
encrypts all transmitted data.
TLS 1.3 is the latest and most secure communications security standard.

Multi Thread

Control one, many or all your machines at the same time.
All functions can be operated simultaneously.

Remote Screen

with control via mouse/keyboard

File Manager

Browse files and directories, upload/download files, delete/remove files and more

File Search

Looking for a file on any of your machines?
Perform a fast File Search on your entire network of remote computers.

System Managers

Process Manager, Service Manager, Registry Editor, and more


Power Options

Switch off, restart, hibernate, sleep


Command-line & Scripting

Execute console commands and scripts (Vb-script, JavaScript, Batch)
on all of your machines at the same time

Extensively Customizable

Many options to tweak Remcos to suit your needs.

Additional information


Starter License (1Month), Starter License+Setup, Individual License (6Months), Individual License+Setup

12 reviews for Remcos Shop

  1. JulmoodIraq

    the best offer I love you so much but why can’t buy 2 copies?

    • Admin

      Thank you so much, Because it’s limited offer and we want more people to get advantage of it, If you want a cool offer on 2 Individual licenses check.


  2. Jhon Mc

    Thank you sir best offers

  3. StreamerJay

    helll yeaaaaaaa

  4. BercaLove

    much much appreciate from me price for it is 210$ you gave best discount but if i want to renew can be?

    • Admin

      Hi, we really appreciate the love, we will try to come up with good offers always and you can add us on Telegram we will keep you updated.

  5. Saleemjumra

    Nice finally cheap prices for Remcos Pro

  6. DJPed

    best deals is the right place

  7. Tony (verified owner)

    This is the best software i’ve used for this kind of work.
    I was new to this but the support helped me over teamviewer anytime i needed help! This is one of the best Support Service i’ve seen online and alongside with product quality. 5/5!

    • Admin

      Thank you brother, We are very Glad to hear such honest reviews <3

  8. UnknownGang

    TOP Level SUPPORT Really Legit Team much love from on telegram

  9. official gng

    best rat very stable, nice zip and download offer helped for cookies grabbing

  10. Dilbar_Milan

    I was searching google and found this store and I am dropping my VOUCH.


  11. King

    Good quality tool by a great team. Always improving on the product with new functionalities. Very stable… About the best in the market!

  12. Stevenx1

    vouch for this team. good price for Remcos always.

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