Viotto KeyLogger

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Advanced Keylogger for Windows

Record and Monitor the activity your computers

Monitor your systems locally or remotely using Viotto Keylogger,
a software ideal for surveillance of your own computers and Parental Monitoring.


Keystroke Logger

Log anything which is typed on keyboard.

Application Logger

Record opened windows, webpages and programs.
Record time of each activity.

Screen Logger

Take screenshots at time intervals,
or when inside selected windows.

Selective Logging

Log only when inside specified windows, webpages or programs.

Clipboard Logger

Log text Copy/Paste operations.

Remote Logs Delivery

Logs and screenshots can be sent remotely via email or FTP.
Ability to customize delivery time.

Compatible with any Windows

WinXP to Win11
32-64 bit
Coded in native C++
No extra dependency required!

Lightweight & Fast

Very low resource usage.
Small file size: 85 kb

Encrypted Logs

Logs can be encrypted to protect them from unauthorized viewing.

2 reviews for Viotto KeyLogger

  1. damiendamien

    wise keylogger helped me always

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  2. Raj_aryan

    Lovely FTP option Thanks

    1 product
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