About Us


Little Info about us: We are Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking experts with a Registered Online Business Company Based in Jordan with a clear TOS  & Privacy Policy that can’t be avoided.

VgoStore has started back in 2016 with Cybersecurity related, Ethical Hacking stuff & more;
We learn how to bypass to study and teach everyone how to protect themselves against exploits+methods and everything related,

We are providing HQ services that is deeply tested by experts.

We do accept custom projects of analyzing.

We have a high reputation and we had a Telegram Channel where everyone used to share knowledge, reviews, discussions and more (We decided to keep it as for reviews/vouches) and we will move to our tickets system instead.

We do provide our own services and Resell HQ services that are tested and vouched by our team.

Our Aim is to Deliver the Best with Love!