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First We’d love to Thank everyone for the support and love!

The issue was caused by some abusers’ sneaky actions that made cybersecurity companies think that we are supporters of illegal activities,
and they started to attack our reputation by posting some media around the internet accusing us of handling malware samples which were used in hacking campaigns.

As cybersecurity researchers, we had a telegram group with too many different people, we collect many different tools, we share and analyze any sample or software or server that provided by users who present themselves as researchers or students in the field, but this does not mean we are going to use them ourselves, but only for the purpose of study and update our own solutions, as well as share with the community to be aware and avoid such methods.
Unfortunately it seems some of them were abused undercover and every finger is pointed at us now.
Checkpoint didn’t post the truth about we never even allowed anyone to talk about any illegal topic in public or private, and they never reported to us an abuse; as they were watching they absolutely checked us in private and saw how we reacted. One of the videos they posted which they reported too and made us get most of the videos removed “the video was about exploit analyzing that we managed to fully understand it and in the video we published a warning to the community about the method and we mentioned that it’s a sample we received to analyze as well as offered it only for cybersecurity students who are interested to learn more about it” But in checkpoint post they presented it that it’s for us personally instead! However the proofs below will explain everything.

We all know that When you test servers, samples, tools for someone who pretends to be a client with legitimate intentions doesn’t mean that you own what you are testing, same as Checkpoint themselves who may even buy/download/share anything related to analyze, does it mean they own it or use it?
However, those clients fooled us by presenting themselves as cybersecurity researchers/students who wanted to learn, providing samples/tools/servers to us for pen-testing, analyzing, and then abused undercover. Our mistake is that we trusted them but this case was out of our hands as we can’t read the truth of each and every client.
However people who have been following us and dealing with us absolutely know the truth that we never dealt or supported any suspicious client as well as we ban them from our platforms.

Regarding the Products, Screenshots and Proofs Checkpoint used in their post; Didn’t you guys notice that the youngest proof they showed was before 7 months and the rest are much older dates? Why didn’t they show the Recent situation instead?  Clearly they didn’t find it and they won’t; Because our terms and image are clear, So they fabricated old dead proofs to present them as they want “just to make a scope and get views”; If they really aim for a clean community they won’t post in public. They will just contact and ask for cooperation or forward the details/proofs to the law instead of publishing and make the other side get ready and prepare for it “use your brains“.

Regarding the sale of BreakingSecurity products on our website:
We used to resell them as the same image it’s presented with the exact same Terms of them, but as we all know the developers of any resold product are not related to the reseller and do not share the income.
Every customer who registered or bought any of our services must provide full info and a working email with agreement on the website TOS and Privacy Policy which both explains clearly what cases of usages we allow.

Regarding Checkpoint saying that we was reselling GUI-Loader which never happened; Checkpoint team thought about it by depending on some videos was uploaded by us that showing the codes has similarities; However As we said above that we are open to download, buy, and analyze/test anything related or provided by clients who presented themselves as cybersecurity researchers/students, Doesn’t mean that we own, use, support, or provide it or even allow to be used illegally. Also to be mentioned again in none can register/buy without a working email and agreement in the Privacy Policy and the TOS, and we mentioned in the terms that any one can send us samples for analyze as well as invited everyone to send us any type of report if they believe that one of the services were abused. Unfortunately we didn’t receive any report from the checkpoint team. Otherwise it would be much easier to cooperate and provide the needed information then we also can realize who the undercover abusers are and report them together. But it’s clearly not Checkpoint’s team aim; As we tried to contact them many times and they never replied so they proved their aim just to make a scope and get some views.


Here is a video proofs and explains some of the points checkpoint misunderstood:


Some examples of how we usually respond to suspicious users even in private:


Examples of how we may accept the usage of clients stuff who present themselves as students or researchers for analyzing or setup:



We appreciate the time the Checkpoint team has put into this case and we appreciate that they shared their thoughts/views about it, We absolutely aim for a “Clean Community”. But we also have proofs and explanations of the points Checkpoint misunderstood.

There are many more proofs and we are ready for any type of Discuss, investigate and cooperate.


In the end as we are a company that care about it’s reputation we had to react as shown below:

  • We/Us will remain providing the services listed in the website and strictly dealing only with clients who respect our TOS as usual, No more Deals with BreakingSecurity or any related product that has the same functions; to avoid such allegations.
  • As we announced earlier in our telegram group; We will stop using chat clients; As users can simply delete the chat box anytime and leave us with no proof. But We will be recording videos of each email or ticket we get from our clients in regard, even when we discuss or they provide samples/server/program and save them for such types of cases. Otherwise we may use Pidgin Only; As it has no option to delete the Chats!

Thanks for Reading, Admins.