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The Best RDP/VPS for Remote Administrator Tools can be Windows Or Linux.

  • You can add it to cart 2 times 6 months to get it 1 year and so on.
  • You can’t request upgrade specs for the same RDP, so buy what you need.

Additional information


1Month, 6Months


Small (Good for Linux), Medium (Good for Windows), Large (Great for Heavy Windows Users), XLarge (The Heaviest)

10 reviews for VGO OffShore RDP/VPS

  1. smartest_gang (verified owner)

    finally offshore ty team <3

  2. sameer-in (verified owner)

    bravo bravo

  3. unkn0wn_1 (verified owner)

    so now no way to lose DNS and clients good service

  4. thedumbis_real (verified owner)

    smart RDP and packages worthy thank you

    period: 1Month, package: Medium (Good for Windows) x 1
  5. authorArther (verified owner)

    thank you for your services

    period: 1Month, package: Small (Good for Linux) x 1
  6. happyadds (verified owner)

    bravo bro

    period: 1Month, package: Medium (Good for Windows) x 1
  7. smart_gangs (verified owner)

    Very good service finally no kill lol

    period: 1Month, package: Medium (Good for Windows) x 1
  8. legit_legend (verified owner)

    just bought today, smooth and fast, lets see with time <3

    period: 6Months, package: Small (Good for Linux) x 1
  9. MinoKOCL

    I didn’t yet buy this service but it seems good feedback, I will try to buy then give a honest feedback because I’m not asshole to give feedbacks before testing my self.

    • Admin

      Thank you, and yes we appreciate those who give real reviews not just haters or supporters reviews lol
      haters who are the ones who never tried our services and just bla bla “barking like dogs” u know what I mean right?
      Supporters who just love us and they are many but we don’t approve fake comments here while it can be 10000000 reviews with 5 stars in 1 click using a plugin LOL,
      However you can join our telegram group and see more feedback anytime which can be found around in the website.

  10. starwarJames

    nice service I used it 3 months and very good

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